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Bastille Day tomorrow!

Bastille Day fragrances presentations

What do:

(1) Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean Baptiste Grenouille ,The Bastille, Jean- Louis  Fargeon , Marie Antoinette, Lubin, Antoine Lavoisier, Madame Tussaud, Executioner Jean Baptiste Sanson, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, ……

.(2) …Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Rimmel, Septimus Piesse, General Jaqueminot, RMS Titanic, Jean Lafitte, Marie Celeste, Bonny Blue, Queen Elizabeth II and the 20th century Top Twenty best fine fragrances ever all have in common?


They are all  intriguingly linked , and they all feature in Aromancer David Pybus’ highly visual and entertaining presentation on French perfume as a scented Gallic tribute to Bastille day.

Two different  stimulating and sensual talks  (as above)

July 14, 2012           2.00 – 3.00 pm and 3.15- 4.15 pm

Roxy  Bar and Screen 128-132 Borough High Street SE1

(near Sainsburys) FREE ENTRY

Mrs Dai Bread Two

" Me, Mrs Dai Bread Two, gypsied to kill in a silky scarlet petticoat
 above my knees, dirty pretty knees,
 see my body through my petticoat 
brown as a berry, high-heel shoes with one heel missing, 
tortoiseshell comb in my bright black slinky
 hair, nothing else at all but a dab of scent,
 lolling gaudy at the doorway, tell your fortune in the tea-leaves, 
scowling at the sunshine, lighting up my pipe."

Dylan Thomas "Under Milk Wood"

A truly beautiful adventure of a book...and who wouldn't want to meet Mrs Dai Bread Two and sample her scent?
 (except of course for the pipe- smoke!)

A great depiction by Hayley of this colourful character


El Principito The Little Prince

Why is the Little Prince my avatar you ask? Well, because his “Prince”- iples are the same as mine! You don’t know the Little Prince by Frenchman Antoine de Saint Exupery? Stop everything…get to Amazon or a bookshop and get a copy immediately….it’s all about…well, that would spoil all the magic.

But in the book the Little  Prince finds one lonely (and very selfish)  flower on a planet and tends it carefully.

I look forward to the day when we conquer space and find new flowers to tend whether they be flora or alien.

“One never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance.”

El Principito

The Little Prince on his planet tending his lonely flower

Aromancer- making sense of scents

If you’re interested in anecdotes, stories and poetry(serious and humorous)  about our wonderful senses of smell and taste as well as the history of perfume, perfume materials, events concerning the author and mysteries/esoterica (his second line of expertise)   from a master class and well qualified aromancer then please dive into Your nose will never be the same again!Image

Bastille Festival London July 14th

Just reveived the gen on this. If you’re in London on the day why not pop in, relax on a sofa chair and wallow in the “dark” world of scent!

Wine, food, absinthe ,cheese and perfume!