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Love the idea…but there are not many incense bearing  trees in China …frankincense and myrrh come from mainly around the Horn of Africa- Somalia, Ethiopia, Dhofar….not a sign of ’em in ancient Beijing:

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure- dome decree

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Down to a sunless sea,

So twice five miles of fertile ground

With walls and towers were girdled round:

 And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,

 Where blossom’d many an incense-bearing tree:

 And here were forests ancient as the hills,

 Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.

Kubla Khan

0r, a vision in a dream

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Xanadu- did a fabulous city need to be walled? Was it to keep dreams in or barbarians out?

Holy Smoke II

The Holy Bible is full of animal sacrifice. (Indeed some religions still practice the ritual slaughter of animals )

We did this when we became more”civilised,”  replacing human sacrifice with animal life (although in some cases, as with the Wicker Man of the Druids, both species were consigned to the flames!)

When we became even more civilised we replaced animal life with plant life. Good incense (such as that from Baiedo Japan) is made purely from natural flora (roots, saps, balsams, woods…).


Sinbad’s other Tale by Aromancer

So here as promised is my take on AMBERGRIS


The answer to Life,The Universe and Everything- Part 1

Well having passed the 42 post mark I should celebrate with something with just a slight connection to the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Universe…and that’s SPACE! What kind of aromas are up there awaiting our delectation? Here’s one thought:

Beware of alien plants

Beware of alien plants

Salvador Dali 1950 Postcard The Nose

I have this painting on the wall at home (not the original of course!) and it’s always puzzled me. Salavador Dali  had some kind of obsession with Noses and lips (check out the perfume bottle) but in this case the obsession seems to be with mushrooms- and psychedelic ones at that. Maybe that’s where Senor Dali got his inspiration