Making Sense of Scents

About the author Aromancer

An Aromancer at work

What is an aromancer? Well, a necromancer deals in black magic and an aromancer deals in…?

Got it?

“Mancer” (like the word “monger” ) means “a dealer in”

I have been in the perfume business for over thirty years (Quest/Givaudan) and run my own consultancy for perfume creation and advice. But my interest extends to aromas in general, and to the two wonderful senses of smell and taste. So this is not a standard perfumista site . The aim of Aromancer is to give anecdotes, stories, poetry and general information on these topics. To educate and entertain. Something I have learned from my twelve years working as a “cruise enhancement lecturer ” on cruise ships throughout the world.

Certain people will find my site and like it enough to follow.

It will take time.

I have time.

Meantime I promise fun topics and enlightened talk….my other interest is Esoterica, and you will find Aromancer dotted every now and then with puzzles and mysteries from around the world. So all in all a pot pourri to enjoy.


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