Making Sense of Scents

Now that the Olympics are upon us I can tell a little story. I have worked for two years at an archelogical dig in Cyprus where the oldest perfumery in the world was “snared” by earthquake.


A dead Ringer!

Working with some of the aromatics ground in nearby pits I was able to put together some unguents which would likely be used by athletes in the ancient Greek Olympics. The pale skinned Greeks did their thing naked, but protected themselves by smearing scented olive oil all over their physiques…hence the expression “bronzed Adonai!”

Two years ago I took the idea to the Olympic Committee in Canary Wharf and even suggested that we could make a small phial of the unisex fragrance to give to each of the 30,000 athletes- a nice little souvenir from Britain.

Guess what? They wanted thousands of pounds from me just to launch the idea.

When I explained that I didn’t need to use the words “Gold”, or “London”, or “rings” or ” 2012″….that it was in fact a historic fragrance of the ancient Olympics…it cut no ice. Money it seems not only talks but it runs, vaults and swims as well.

Result? Nothing happened. Not only did I not have the money to do anything but I simply didn’t have the muscle to take on the battery of lawyers ” protecting our so-called “Olympic legacy”. (which seems to me to have no legs)


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