Making Sense of Scents

I’m incensed!

In Japan they use around two dozen raw materials to make good incense. The key ingredients are:








Star Anise



Aloeswood (also called Eagle wood or Jinko)

Depending on the mix incense can either energise you or relax you (As in transcendental meditation.) It’s a mind- altering drug that just happens to be legal!

Alchemists sought the elixir of youth. The quintessence, the essential vital life force of nature that he could absorb into his very being to assume divine status.

  It was said to be composed of the four elements earth, fire, air and water. Plants and trees have their roots in the Earth, where they draw up Water and nutrients. Their stems seek the Air, and their blooms the Fire of our Sun for photosynthethis. The nature’s factory then sets to work to create marvellous biochemical exotica within the plant – essential oils. It is this soul of the plants that we capture, nurture and use in the appreciation of perfumes.

Mind altering drug

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