Making Sense of Scents

Scent of a Woman

One of my favourite movies.  The tango scene is the most remembered in general, but for me it’s the scene very near the end where Pacino as blind Lieutenant Colonel Slade uses his amazing sense of smell (he’s in the amazing business!) to detect Fleurs de Rocaille- “flowers from a Garden” a marvellous floral from Caron ,- on a woman he encounters. Through the movie Slade three times detects the scents different women wear.

As a blind man his sense of smell has been exalted. If only more of us could use our sense like this. But in this profoundly audio- visual world we live in nowadays we all seem to act like blind men. I guess it doesn’t help that many “so-called” celebrity fragrances are more hype than hip

A marvellous film about integrity- but also the prowess of a great sense of smell

Comments on: "Scent of a Woman" (1)

  1. The speech at the end of the movie is epic. Love it.

    Mark Blasini

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