Making Sense of Scents

The Sign


Talk not to all about things sublime and essential.

Seek the level of the person with whom you speak.

So as not to humble and distress them.

Be frivolous too when you are with the frivolous,

But once in a while, as if unsought, or even as


Drop into their cup on the foam of frivolity,

A very small petal from the flower of your dreams.

If it is not noticed, recover it courteously,

And, always smiling, go on your way.

If , however, someone picks up the frail, small petal

And examines it, inhales its fragrance,

Give them forthwith and carefully a sign of discreet


Let them behold one or a few of the marvellous flowers of your garden,

Tell them of the invisible Divinity which surrounds us all,

The open sesame of true Freedom.

Amado Nervo


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