Making Sense of Scents

Transports of Delight

TOD cover

Some of you have asked where I get the marvellous poetry from. Well it’s from my book Transports of Delight.(with some also from my yet to be published humour book “Led by the Nose. “) To give you a sense of this book (around £9 at Amazon) I’ll read you the cover:

Transports of delight is a celebration through verse of man’s extraordinary sensory world of smell, connecting East and West. Here is a fascinating and delightful anthology, drawn from across the world and across the millennia capturing a kaleidoscope of emotions, moods and memories,all of which are energised and enhanced by smells of every kind-“smells which match our moods, promote our passions, provoke a sense of awe in the natural world around us and bring us closer to our Gods”.

The anthology, containing over a hundred poems and excerpts from literature including “The teachings of the Buddha” and Ben Johnson’s intoxicating “Drink to me only with thine eyes” (Ode to Celia) takes the reader from China to Japan, Tibet and the East Indies, on to India and the Levant, then to Europe and finally to the Americas.

Transports of Delight will certainly help transport and delight the reader to another level of sensory pleasure- far removed from today’s audio-visual world of ipods, televisions, mobiles, CD’s and DVD’s.

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