Making Sense of Scents



Scent, perfume, fragrance,

Bouquet, incense, spicery,

Tutti frutti, flower power

Or just plain “smelly”

Bottled figment, phialed elixir,

Holy smoke and stuff of dreams,

Break the seal, remove the stopper,

Loose the gaseous Djinni’s streams.

Mottled myrrh from Araby,

Crinkled clove of Zanzibar,

Speckled spice of Samarkand,

Wrinkled weed from Malabar.

Wood and fruit and fragrant bloom,

Burst forth from their crystal tomb,

Swarms of smell spill out pell-mell

To wrap you into their sweet womb.

Balmy night sand dreamy days,

Mountain streams and tropic shore,

Balsams, resins, wisps and sprays,

Odors gathered by the score.

Sensual smokes, aroused aromas,

Gifts from Gods and joy of man,

Love’s explosives in small doses,

Reach Nirvana if you can.


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