Making Sense of Scents

The aromas of childhood

So what smells bring your memory back to life? For me it’s plasticine, wax crayons, cedarwood pencils  Quink Ink (with camphor) the paint on lead soldiers and especially that mix of brimstone and smoke that is a steam engine going under  a bridge. Alas many of the aromas on my childhood seem to be disappearing fast with the modern world’s fixation on things visual- they even say that writing is becoming redundant now (especially letters )which used to be perfumed as a memento of the sender) in this digital age.

A Nostalgia pack to help kick start present old people’s memories contains:

The smell of the steam train

Hospitals (used to be carbolic soap- diluted phenol)

The smell of the black range (cooking range) which was effectively Zebo soap used to clean it

Wash Day (done with a poss stick!) that clean fresh smell of Lavender

I guess when my time comes to be put in an old people’s home the Nostalgia box will contain those amazing smells of the swinging sixties:



Brut/Eau Sauvage

Nag Champa

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