Making Sense of Scents

Those of you who have read the DA VINCI Code and Holy Blood/Holy Grail will know of the importance of the Shugborough memorial which has a secret code. The code is based on the Shepherd’s painting of Poussin.

Charles Dickens tried it. Charles Darwin tried it. Veteran code breakers from Bletchley Park (war time enigma code breaket establishment) tried it. All failed.

I have cracked it and I know it’s right because it makes absolute sense. Not only that but two other facts confirm its correctness.

The wonder to me is that no one in the media(newspapers, magazines)  seems to want to know! Or indeed the National Trust whose property Shugborough is. Is there a conspiracy?

It may be that he only way to get this out to the world will be on my web site. I’ll give it six weeks to establish my credentials on this as I do want the credit for cracking the code

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