Making Sense of Scents

Scents of Time

Scents of Time was a Company I ran for 5 years. It was a Dragons’ Den Company and I was backed by Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis. Sadly I closed it down last month, a victim of double dip recession, but also of an anability to promote itself through lask of cash. Truth is, these days if youre wealthy you purchase Dior or Chanel (after all, just how much do you love your loved one?) and if you’re young you purchase anything with a celebrity name attached.

Such is life!

As my range fell between two stools , as it were, it was  destined to fail even though the perfumes themselves are top class (one was made by a guy who is now a senior perfumer at Chanel).

I had five fragrances:

NENUFAR                      Sacred Scent of Cleopatra

MAYA                              Mystic scent of the Americas

PYXIS                             Lost perfume of Pompeii

NIGHT STAR                 Lost perfume of RMS Titanic

ANKH                              Fragrance of Tutankhamen

I had two more coming along

AURUM- Scents of the ancient Olympics (timely with the Olympics in London)

CHRISM The anointing oil of the Kings and Queens of England , which I also think will be timely this decade.

I still have all the formulae/names etc.  …..just waiting for a major International to come along and make them really happen

More on them later.

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