Making Sense of Scents

The French are celebrating for the fifth year running Bastille Day in London…when you think of matters Gallic the mind turns to food, drink, absinthe! …and it’s all there on the streets of Southwark, London.

But of course perfume has to come into it as well…and that’s where I come in…


What do:

 (1) Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean Baptiste Grenouille ,The Bastille, Jean- Louis  Fargeon , Marie Antoinette, Lubin, Antoine Lavoisier, Madame Tussaud, Executioner Jean Baptiste Sanson, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, …….(2) …Charles Baudelaire, Eugene Rimmel, Septimus Piesse, General Jaqueminot, RMS Titanic, Marie Celeste, Bonny Blue, Queen Elizabeth II and the 20th century Top Twenty best fine fragrances ever all have in common?,

They are all  intriguingly linked , and they all feature in Aromancer ‘s highly visual and entertaining presentation on French perfume as a scented Gallic tribute to Bastille day.


Two different  stimulating and sensual talks  (as above)

July 14, 2012           2.0 – 3.00 pm and 3.15- 4.00 pm

Roxy  Bar and Screen 128-132 Borough High Street SE1 LONDON


See you there!


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