Making Sense of Scents





Cyprus casts a sorcerous smell,

That binds all in enchanted spell.

The magic scent that strikes a chord,

Is alchemy from nature’s hoard

Of choice aromas, and the key

Is struck by heady mix of three.

The first springs from Hesperides

As bergamot sends charms from trees.

This mingles well with woody scent

Of mosses from the oak trees lent.

And both combine with labdanum,

A substance from the rock- rose won.

All three notes play in harmony

To pluck the heart-strings pleasantly

They homage pay to Chypre’s isle.

Bewitching strangers all the while,

As Aphrodite’s incense smoke

All human passions does invoke.

Aromancer 2012

* Chypre is French for the Isle of Cyprus

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