Making Sense of Scents

The sense of smell

The sense of smell is our oldest sense. Our rhinocephalon, or smell brain, developed in those primordial times, pre- mammal, pre-reptile, pre amphibian, when our ancestors were devoid of the grey matter which made us homo sapiens. The human sense of smell is linked to the seat of memory, emotion and our sexual gonads. To animal fight or flight impulses, which aromas trigger. For these powerful reasons our olfactory sense is a great gift.

Sigmund Freud said that one of the great casualties of civilization was a diminution in the human ability to smell, and it is indeed true that over the last century and a half all the greatest inventions of mankind have concentrated on our upstart new senses- those of hearing and vision. From the electric light bulb and the radio to television and record players. From thence to videos, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s Ipods and computer screens.

For my entire professional career, like King Canute against the waves, I have been trying to get people to pause every once in a while in their frenetic rush that is everyday living. To actually stop and smell the roses.

I am an Aromancer, a dealer in Aromas. Not just the pretty perfumes of department stores and duty frees, but odours of memories and scents of time. Perfumes which incense and incense which perfumes. Sexy scents and labyrinths of life and love.

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