Making Sense of Scents


The vomeronasal-dismissed for centuries as a vestigial ghost?

Lyall Watson wrote a remarkable book on the Jacobsen’s Organ (its other moniker).

It seems as if this is a “lost” organ located in our nostrils which plays no part in human kind now. It was

Or does it?  Recent research seems to indicate that we have  a kind of second nervous system…one that doesn’t depend on electrical impulse but on chemicals.

So I was thinking…..what if this organ is a secondary sense of smell (a chemical sense) which works through the secondary system. And what if we truly can subconsciously “smell” (can’t think of another word for this) a person’s genetic make up through this route.

And what if that’s how we choose a partner?

So, in matters of love, we are literally “Led by the Nose”

Who knows!

Then I thought how perfume might “interfere ” with the natural  “vibes” emanating from your loved one………

Makes sense?

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