Making Sense of Scents


Last year when I was giving talks on the topic above a number of students asked me what the most basic characteristic of an entrepreneur was. As I’d started up and ran a Dragons’ Den Company for 5 years I did not hesitate. TENACITY! You will get doom merchants, nay sayers and pessimists at you all the time telling you “It must have been thought of before” or “It’ll never sell!” or “It just won’t work!” You have to learn to fight hrough this and have a real belief in yourself and your product.

Students then asked me how I could visualise this…so I did an experiment with a potential  explosion at the end…the idea was that it was their idea exploding onto the marketplace…past the doom merchants, nay sayers and pessimists.

So I told the story of how a fire needs Oxygen and lit a gunpowder fuse. Naturally when I poured a bucket of water over the lit  fuse it went out. Then I relayed the idea that a fire in your belly is the passion for your idea and that if you had the Oxygen inbuilt it would never go now to my fuse with inbuilt oxygen which was trailed through three beakers of sand, gravel and water(labelled doom merchants, nay sayers and pessimists ) towards  a pile of gunpowder (the marketplace).

Did it work?

Well it certainly did…..but try as I might I can’t find it any more on You Tube. The connecting words were” gunpowder” and “entrepreneurship”.  If you’re a whizz with You tube searches perhaps you can help me out? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you can find it!

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